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Carver Sportsmen's Club Meets the First Tuesday of Each Month Except for November. New Members are Welcome.

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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Amber Smith

Allison Thomas


2022 Youth Deer Hunt

October 1, 2022

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2022 Youth Pheasant Hunt

September 24, 2022

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 Richard Thorne


Carver Sportsmen’s Club Director, Life member, PCL Delegate and perennial raffle winner Dick “Foghorn” Thorne passed away on June 1 at 89 years of age. Foghorn, as most knew him, was a regular at club meetings, functions and events, He was a prolific ticket salesman, mentor and most of all a good friend. We are all saddened by his loss and understand that people like him are unique and cannot be replaced. We will miss his booming voice, smiling face and friendly disposition. We extend our condolences to his family and friends and share a few photographic memories from our archives. Rest in peace.

Gun Owners Action League Video
Applying for or Renewing your FID / LTC

RFR # DFW-2022-046:
Predator Control on Coastal Islands in Buzzards Bay

2021 Youth Deer  Hunt

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Dan Comeau with his first archery deer


Dan Comeau with his first archery deer


Stand Up and Fight for Sportsmen’s Rights

Are you tired of being a second class citizen in your own state?
Are you tired of being targeted by the anti gun/anti sportsmen crowd?
Are you Tired of politicians in Massachusetts taking care of every special interest but sportsmen and women?
Are you willing to do something about it?
Will you write emails, text messages and phone calls when we need you?
We will facilitate and coordinate your efforts to make it easy to contact your rep.
We will identify important issues only and not abuse your time on trivial matters and fund raising.
If you help us we can move our issues at the state house.
Join the Mass Conservation Alliance email action group. Just click the link below.
We need your address to provide contact information for your State Rep and Senator.
We will not share the data you provide and you can drop out at any time.

If you join we will be able to get the word out instantly on priority issues.

 The Carver Sportsmen’s Club Comments on Proposed License and Fee Increases

• We support the positions of the Mass Conservation Alliance and Plymouth County League of Sportsmen as spelled out herein.
• Proposed increase for permits and stamps need to be reviewed and reduced.
• Proposed new stamps should be reviewed and not negatively impact R3 efforts.
• We support new general fund reimbursements to compensate for free licenses consistent with SD1453. New revenues should be used to reduce the proposed fee increases.
• We support efforts to fund a portion of DFW fixed costs such as retirement costs and other benefits consistent with the they way other state agencies are funded through the general fund. Revenues generated should be used to offset the proposed fee increases.
• Increasing hunting opportunity is key to long term financial viability and preferable to fee increases alone. Fee increases negatively impact R3 efforts and do not address the shrinking base of licensees.
• We support legislation to increase hunting opportunity by removing the statutory prohibition on crossbow use (HD2393/SD1166)
• We support and prefer efforts to increase hunting opportunity by repealing the prohibition on Sunday hunting (HD915) but also support compromise legislation allowing Sunday deer hunting (HD767).
• We support increasing hunting opportunity by reducing archery setbacks which open new lands to archery hunting (SD2110)
• We support the programs and staff of the Division of Fish and Wildlife and oppose cuts in programs and services.
• We request detailed estimates of the funds each proposed increase is anticipated to generate in revenues and a total of the revenues required to fully fund the programs of the Division.
• We do not oppose reasonable increases in licenses and fees. We seek changes to financing models to reduce the increases by sharing costs with other users and or general fund contributions.
• We encourage a cooperative effort between the sporting community, the DFW, the legislature, the Governor and other interested parties to reduce excessive increases proposed.

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Wendell Goodwin passed away Dec 15 after a short illness. Wendell was a past Director of the Carver Sportsmen's Club. He was an active member of the Fish and Game committee and champion of beagle activities for many years.

He was the recipient of the 2019 Directors Award in recognition of his years of contributions to the club. He will be missed by his friends and fellow club members.

His family has requested donations be sent to the club in lieu of flowers. These donations will be used for activities that benefit our junior members.

American Outdoors Act Signed into Law

NSSF, the trade association for the firearm industry, was honored to be present at the White House as President Donald Trump signed into law the Great American Outdoors Act, H.R. 1957 . This historic federal law is among the most meaningful legislative measures for sportsmen conservationists ever.
“This is a proud moment for the firearm industry which supported this legislation to see it passed into law by the Trump administration which has kept the promise that public lands and waters belong to all of America’s sportsmen and women,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President and Chief Executive Officer. “The Great American Outdoors Act is bold in its scope and historic in the guarantee that public lands and waters will be accessible to America’s conservation-minded hunters and recreational target shooters. Outdoorsmen and women are the greatest stewards of our natural resources of wildlife, natural habitats, and conservation-minded traditions that pass along the benefit of the preservation of public lands access for all. This law enables current and future generations of Americans to enjoy and preserve our national outdoor heritage.”
The Great American Outdoors Act delivers on the promise of sustained wildlife conservation, public land hunting and recreational shooting for current and future generations of outdoorsmen and women. The law was conceived with bipartisan support and ensures full, dedicated funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). It addresses the maintenance backlog of public lands and water projects across the United States. Those projects include wildlife habitat conservation, road and trail repairs and increased recreational access to our public lands and waters.


New CSC Sign

Our beautiful new signs on Main Street and our Rifle Range Safety Signs were donated by member Bob Okerfelt. If your business needs high quality signs contact His business is located in Duxbury MA We trust you will be proud to have your organization represented by these high quality signs.





Policy Regarding Hunting on Club Property

By Vote of the Membership

Passed on September 3rd 2019

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2021 Youth Turkey Hunt

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NWTF Wild Turkey Sounds


2018 Youth Pheasant Hunt Photo Album




President: Paul Johnson
Vice President: Larry Harju
Treasurer: Bob Nocher
Secretary: Mike Jones

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Please note Carver Sportsmen Club Facilities are Handicap Accessible.


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